BRAZIL Jose Aldo

We’re incredibly happy to welcome back one of our favourite coffee from Fazenda Cajuru - Jose Aldo. He represents a young generation of coffee producers whose mission is to offer coffees with unique sensory characteristics, through a production system that values the people involved and the environment. 

This lot is grown in the micro-climate of the mountains of Campo das Vertentes region, located in the heart of the state of Minas Gerais. It has one of the most desired microclimate for the production of specialty coffees. Altitudes ranging from 900 to 1100 meters and clayey soils of high natural fertility, provide perfect conditions for the production of sophisticated coffees. Temperature fluctuations between day and night provide a slow and gradual ripening of the fruits, resulting in dense grains rich in complex flavours. Additionally, the combination of varied soils, from clayey to sandy, gives unique characteristics to each coffee lot.  

Fazenda Cajuru is U.T.Z. certified and follow all the most demanding social and environmental protocols. The UTZ label stands for more sustainable farming and better opportunities for farmers, their families, and our planet. The UTZ certification program enables farmers to use better farming methods, grow better crops, and generate more income. They learn how to improve working conditions, adapt to climate change, and protect the environment.

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