We're cool coffee roastery run on girl power, based in Toronto ON. 

Our philosophy is based on respect for People, Coffee and Earth. We have been committed to quality, sustainability and transparency.  Our mission is to source amazing coffees from farmers who share our values and are committed to quality.The incredible stories of the people behind our coffees inspire us to design fabulous labels. This is our thank-you note to all coffee producers for their effort, hard work and passion.

We approach roasting as a craft, constantly looking to grow in experience. In our roast style, our goal is to highlight the unique character of each bean, creating an exciting taste journey through the origins.

meet KAYLA (she/her) | Co-Founder, Head Roaster & Sensory Specialist:
Two-time Cup Taster Champion, in her years of experience in coffee industry Kayla has been doing almost everything that’s related to coffee. From being a sales & brand manager, through coffee trainings, sensory specialist, quality control, to being a head roaster. In our roastery Kayla is responsible for buying green coffee.She is a specialist in sensory analysis with the keen eye on setting up the perfect profiles for coffee and making sure they taste amazing. As a creative she is standing behind each design of our coffee labels and our branding. 
contact: (647) 807-3000 | kayla_hc_ 

meet LEAH (she/her) | Co-Founder, Head of Operations:
She has years of experience in management role, brand creation and PR. She is responsible for all company operations happening, customer service, orders (online and wholesale) and make long story short she is making sure that company is going the right direction.
(647) 807-7000 | meyerworld