Finca La Fortuna is located in the neighborhood of VALLECITOS in the town of Jerico, Antioquia.The farm has over 7,000 coffee trees in addition to citrus trees and a few cows.
Dolly is a very passionate coffee producer, she has been living on the farm for over 40 years, raised 5 children, none of which have continued the coffee farmer tradition. 

Doña Dolly handles most of the farm processing on her own with the help of two women workers that help with the picking. The processing done by Dolly is meticulous and quality focused.

CAMPESINO (it’s the Spanish word for farmer) is a Colombian based company with a warehouse and coffee school in Southwest Antioquia and main office and lab in Medellin. They work with over 120 producers in the town of Jerico, Antioquia, purchasing fresh parchment weekly and leading community produced coffee projects producing naturals, honeys, and various other special process. All of their coffees, even the community coffees, maintain complete transparency and traceability to each lot.  

The coffee school is located on the second floor of the warehouse.  The school consists of a full coffee laboratory in addition to a classroom setting and is aimed at providing coffee education to all producer partners and their families.  

The end goal is making coffee farming a sustainable business for all partners and bring the youth back to their farms, to their roots, and continue their family coffee traditions.  

This is our fifth season year with Campesino Coffee, sourced by our friends Catalogue Coffee, and look forward to a sustained partnership in the future. 

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