COLOMBIA Madre Maria

“We believe we can do better by working in community”. - Campensino Coffee

This coffee comes to us through Campesino Coffee, a Colombian based exporter working hand‐in‐hand with over 120 farmer partners. They focus on bridging the gap between farmer and roaster, providing complete transparency and working to provide sustainability within the communities they work in. They focus on creating long‐term relationships between the producers and buyers, giving all parties the ability to learn and improve, increase sustainability, and work together towards producing a great cup of coffee. Fewer hands in between means increased return for the hard working farmers.

This particular lot is an amazing representation of hard work of 55 producers from Santa Maria region. The coffee is grown between 1500 and 1750 MASL which lends itself to dense cherries with pleasant acidity and incredible sweetness.The ripe, hand‐picked coffee cherries are delivered to a mill.Then de‐pulped and placed in a tank for 16‐18 hours. Afterward, the coffee is dried in a greenhouse for 10 to 20 days, depending on the weather, and constantly moved to ensure a uniform drying.

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