ETHIOPIA Tero Farm (DECAF | Swiss Water Process)

The most common method of managing a private washing station in Ethiopia is simply to buy cherry from surrounding farmers, and that's that. But here at Tero Farm, smallholders must participate in a comprehensive registration and training, including mapping of each smallholder's farm and training in agronomy and processing. Records are meticulously kept in the offices managed by the station's dedicated outgrower engagement staff. Through this program farmers benefit from higher prices paid for higher quality cherry, pre-harvest financing, and distribution of seedlings and coffee bags for transport. Smallholders living in the vicinity of Tero Farm deliver their cherries to the farm or to nearby collection centers managed by Dimtu. Their proximity to the farm allows for a large scale demonstration plot, from which many cherry suppliers can take back to their own smaller scale operations.

The Swiss Water Process is a patented decaffeination method that uses only water to remove 99.9% of a coffee’s caffeine content. Heat and time are also employed, but clean water is the only added ingredient. 
It takes about 10 hours for the process, during which the coffee is monitored to ensure that the flavours remains untouched and a perfect result is achieved every time. 
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