MEXICO Mercedes Galvez Andres

We're very excited to see young generations of producers like Mercedes, enter into coffee production with such determination and are proud to be able to roast her coffee.

Mercedes Galvez Andrés was born to Nahuatl parents from Macuiltepec in the municipality of San Miguel Eloxochitlán. At the age of 27, she established a 1/4 hectare coffee plot with Anacafe 14 plants. Leaving behind her job as a teacher in an indigenous school with the aim of generating more income to improve her quality of life, together with her husband, Fermin Temoxtle Rodriguez, Mercedes joined a group of 17 Nahuatl people from her community in renovating a coffee plantation.

A year later, she added 1,200 Obatã plants to her plot. In pursuit of improving the quality of her production, Mercedes joined the field school of the Rural Development Secretariat of the government of Puebla in 2021, where she trained in agricultural and processing practices.
In 2021, 2022 and again in the 2023 she participated in the Pride of Puebla competition with her coffees scoring in the top 10 lots each year. With an enthusiasm and passion for coffee, Mercedes continues to train in fermentation, nutrition, and storage issues.
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